Every ocassion needs different setting, therefore a different cake. Here are some examples of delicious homebaked goods if you are looking for new flavours.


White poppy seeds croissants

White poppy seeds, almonds and orange peel come together in a lush filling encrusted in yeast dough and puff pastry marriage.
Perfect for lunch boxes and picnics.

Absolutely delicious!

12 good size croissants

Maltesers cupcakes

Soft and moist chocolate-maltesers cupcakes decorated with yummy chocolate-maltesers buttercream and three maltesers.
It is a chocolately-maltesers madness!

minimum order 12 cupcakes


Rich and dense brownies. These are fudgy in the middle with a lightly crisp top. We use dark, single origin Callebaut chocolate and milk chocolate chunks to ensure they are as flavoursome as they can be!

9"/9" produces 9 generous squares
12"/12" produces 14 generous squares

Vanilla strawberry and chocolate

Vanilla cupcakes filled with fudge sauce and finished with silky smooth fresh strawberry buttercream

minimum order 12 cupcakes


Carrot cupcakes

Moist and soft carrot cupcakes full of walnuts and pineapples go perfectly with a cream cheese frosting.

minimum order 12 cupcakes


Unicorn cupcakes

Vanilla sponge filled with your favourite jam and finished with buttercream and o!....a golden horn.

minimum order 12 cupcakes


Deluxe chocolate cupcakes

Soft and moist chocolate sponge, insanely rich dark chocolate cream cheese frosting, chocolate sauce, topped with a handmade brigadeiro truffle. 

Will satisfy any chocolate lover.
Perfect for special ocassions.

minimum order 12 cupcakes


Captain america cupcakes

Choose a fluffy vanilla, deliciously moist chocolate or red velvet sponge, top it with cream cheese or chocolate cream cheese frosting and voilà. 

minimum order 12 cupcakes


moana cupcakes

Vanilla sponge filled with pineapple jam, topped with rich chocolate frosting.

minimum order 12 cupcakes


Vegan Chocolate

Moist, fluffy chocolate cupcake with an avocado chocolate frosting

minimum order 12 cupcakes



Soft caramel cupcake with a touch of cinammon with caramel buttercream and chopped fudge.

minimum order 12 cupcakes